Helps you breath safe air

Parking Area Air Quality Monitor & Demand Controlled ventilation controller

Smart Formaldehyde monitor that monitors the Formaldehyde concentration in your pathology lab & alerts you when its not safe

Our key features

Ensures Saftey

By 24/7 monitoring, Navter’s Indoor Air Quality monitor ensures that the air you breath is safe and alerts if it reaches unsafe levels.

Accuracy & Reliability

Accurate & Reliable display of the amount of No2, Co2, Temperature, Humidity, VOC, Formalin etc present in air..

Realtime Monitoring

By Real Time  Monitoring you can ensure the air quality at home or workplace from anywhere and at anytime.

"The primary office safety and health problem is indoor air pollution. More than 500,000 members employed in office environments are exposed to many work-related occupational safety and health hazards. " - Communication Workers of America (CWA)

About Us

Navter is a manufacturer of air quality monitoring equipment. Here at Navter we are comitted to ensure that everyone breaths quality air both indoor and outdoor.


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